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Home Care Jobs in Baltimore, MD with Vital Sign Home Care

While hourly caregivers and live-in caregivers both theoretically provide 24-hour in-home care, live-in caregivers are required to have time to sleep overnight and may also be required to have breaks during the day. Hourly caregivers work shorter shifts, so more caregivers are required to cover 24 hours, but each caregiver will be awake the entire time.

Our employees are thoroughly screened before being hired as a caregiver. Our screening includes:


Vital Sign Nursing and Training’s goal is to offer services and/or training courses that educate the community, families, and caregivers on how to safely and effectively address the needs of the aging and vulnerable population. The courses we offer satisfy the employee training needs requiring by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, OHCQ, MSDE, and other healthcare settings.


Give your employees the training and tools they need to improve patient outcomes, minimize risk, and maximize reimbursements. Improve staff retention. Keep up with ever-changing regulations. Improve patient outcomes, minimize risk, and maximize reimbursements. Expand your business into additional clinical specializations. All this and more is possible with Relias.

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